AirStrip ONE™: Erasing Boundaries, Transforming Care

Learn how AirStrip ONE can put your enterprise mobility strategy in motion.

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The Challenge:

Enabling the rapid and secure exchange of information required for clinical decision-making — generated by and stored in a dizzying array of medical devices and data systems — across the continuum of care.

The Solution: AirStrip ONE

AirStrip ONE is the complete enterprise solution that provides the architecture and interactive user experience that delivers on the promise of clinical mobility. Because all relevant capabilities are built into the system, AirStrip ONE can dramatically accelerate enterprise-wide implementation, time-to-benefit, and ROI.

AirStrip Technologies

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AirStrip ONE mobility platform diagram

The AirStrip ONE mobility framework is designed to provide secure, enterprise-wide information exchange between disparate clinical data sources and leading mobile operating systems. It hides that complexity from clinicians to provide a seamless and simple user experience.

The platform is installed and operated by AirStrip, reducing overhead, complexity and cost for the provider.

AirStrip ONE: